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Advanced Analyze Vibration Instruments

Advanced analyze vibration instruments - VIBER X2™


The VIBER X2™ is a portable Vibrometer.
A complete set consist of an instrument, carrying bag, a vibration transducer with magnet support extension tip, charger and rechargeable batteries. VIBER X2™ is a Digital instrument with capacity to measure velocity, acceleration and displacement, VIBER-X2™ measures also Bearing condition. It´s also possible to make analyses if you use the instruments feature to show the top 5 frequencies.

The VIBER X2™ instrument has the following features:

  • Accurate measurements for 4 selectable frequency ranges.
  • Real-time measurement of the total vibration level and the Bearing Condition (BC), shown simultaneously.
  • The largest amplitude peak frequency in RPM or Hz in main screen display.
  • Measurement units and measurement presentation may be
    selected by the user from the following list:
    • g-value = (RMS, Peak or Peak-Peak)
    • a = m/s² (RMS, Peak or Peak-Peak)
    • V = mm/sec (RMS, Peak or Peak-Peak)
    • V = inch/sec (RMS, Peak or Peak-Peak)
    • D = mills (RMS, Peak or Peak-Peak)
    • D = µm (RMS, Peak or Peak-Peak)
  • Bearing Condition measurements.
  • Bar indicator shows measurement stability.
  • Large dynamic range of the vibration signal (up to 50 g).
  • Low power consumption.
  • Clear vibration, temperature and danger alarms by red and yellow colour LED’s.
  • Easy to understand and operate.
  • Advanced technology with DSP processor.
  • Display with backlight.
  • Several languages are available.
  • Adjustable Auto-shut off for energy saving.
  • Dust and waterproof, for rough use (IP 65).
Advanced analyze vibration instruments - VIBER X2 Pro ™

VIBER X2 Pro ™

Designed for maintenance and repair teams and operators personnel that needs a reliable, fast and easy to use tool for basic condition monitoring in rough conditions.
Now with trend function / software.

  • Real-time measurements of the total vibration level and the Bearing Condition (BC), shown simultaneously
  • Bar indicator displays measurement stability
  • Fast and easy fault analysis displaying the five largest amplitude peaks frequency in RPM or Hz on main screen display
  • Low power consumption
  • Overflow alarm limits are clearly displayed with a yellow and red LED indicator
  • Several languages are available
  • Dust and waterproof, for rough use (IP65)
  • Pc-software for Trend View
  • Up to 100 measurements can be saved.

Complete delivery includes:
IP68 Case
Extension tip
Rechargeable batteries
Cable for data transmission


Starter of condition based maintenance by trending measurement in PC software

Developed for vibration analysts, machine operators, and maintenance technicians.
Easy to use, powerful for basic condition monitoring. Helps in maintaining machine reliability and verifying machinery repair. Store and trend condition data with Trend View.

VIBER X3™ is a more advanced instrument compared with VIBER X2™, the instrument has the same features but also temperature measurement and ability to listen to Bearing sound. It is delivered with headphones and software in a carrying case.

  • PC software Trend View™ included
  • Can be used as an Analyzer (fault displaying
    highest peaks from the FFT)
  • Headphones for bearing noice detection
  • Balancing with a new 3-point method
  • Bearing Condition
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Selectable alarms
  • Battery charger included
  • Dust and waterproof, for rough use (IP 65)

The only instrument to use for balancing, vibration, infrared, and high frequency sound in one compact, easy to use instrument.
• Powerful, inexpensive instrument to be used by vibration analyst, maintenance technician, or machinery operator.
• Smallest balancing instrument available, easy to carry.
• Use to verify machinery repair.
• PC-software for reports and trends is included.


VIBER X5 MK III™ is an advanced vibration analyzer, together with SpectraPro® PC software it provides a complete package for predictive condition maintenance.

VIBER X5 MK III™ is capable of measuring, processing, displaying and storing a wide range of measurement parameters. You can collect various types of field data; examples are vibration information, bearing analyze, temperature, speed and other process variables that enables you to expand its functionality by adding new measurements to improve
your analysis capabilities. You may also use the VIBER X5 MK III™ for 1 or 2 plane balancing.

VIBER X5 MK III™ perfectly fits with the SpectraPro® multipurpose software and it is also compatible with our other analyze instruments.

Features of VIBER X5 MK III™:                                                                                                                                                          

  • Embedded Thermal Camera
  • FAST
    VIBER X5 MK III™ uses a new generation of floating point DSP processor from Texas Instruments (C6700 series), which ensures a very short data processing time.
    Made for rough use in hard environments. IP65 casing and operating temperature of -20 to +70 °C
    VIBER X5 MK III™ uses SpectraPro® condition monitoring software to manage data. Using an existing database, it may be used together with Easy Viber, Easy Balancer and X-Viber instruments, just the way it is, with no other changes.
    VIBER X5 MK III™ has a graphical user interface, a right and left hand operated keyboard and a user friendly context sensitive HELP.
    The measurements are grouped so a beginner easily can handle them, but also the experienced users gets satisfied by the advanced measurement menus.
    The instrument works with al standard vibration transducer on the market.
    In the Route measurement you may define a customized transducer for each measurement point; this makes most signals accessible, in order to get additional information that might improve the condition measurement quality.
    The instrument is compatible with any external tachometer and also with standard 4-20 mA process transducers (flow, pressure, temperature and so.).
    VIBER X5 MK III™ is an essential tool for the monitoring of machine health. It has a high performance/ cost value and offers reliable measurements to ISO standards in combination with a range of smart features.