Check Valves


zwick check valve

The check valve TRI-CHECK combines all the benefits of the Series TRI-CON in a non-return valve. Triple-offset design with a wide seat angle and a true cone in cone, no rubbing while moving and absolute zero leakage performance.

Also the statically held gasket and the no pinned disc design are used in the Series TRI-CHECK. The TRI-CHECK is equipped with a hydraulic damper and a counter weight. The damper can be adjusted to the actual installation conditions in which the valve will be used.

ECONTROL Check Valves

econtrol check valVe

The ECONTROL VR-100 Check Valves are a complete family of backflow preventer valves for a wide range of industrial applications.

Product Range

Econtrol swing check valve

8" ANSI 900# (API 6D) - Swing Check Valve during curing stage

econtrol nozzle check valve

20" ANSI 900# (API 6D) - Nozzle Check Valve

econtrol severe service check valve

8" ANSI 1500# (API 6D) - Severe Service Check Valve

econtrol nozzle check valve for severe service

Nozzle Check Valve For Severe Service

econtrol swing check valve1

8" ANSI 900# (API 6D) - Swing Check Valve

econtrol dual plate check valve

52" ANSI 150# & 32" ANSI 300# (API 6D) - Dual Plate Check Valve in NiAlBr