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Circuit Breaker Training Syllabus

Module 1: Operational Readiness Circuit Breaker Analyzer
The Training will cover the following points:
❖ Circuit Breaker Analyzer Overview
❖ Introduction to Circuit Breaker Analyzer
❖ Test Probes, User Interface, Cables, Function Keys, General Features
❖ Meter setup: language, date, time, sound (beeps), auto power off time, etc.
❖ Software for measurement data management and reporting

Module 2: Circuit Breaker Timing and Motion Analyzer
It is a necessity to time each breaker, to have its functional significance. Incorrect operation can have disastrous consequences on the equipment or the substation personnel. Not to mention the out of service losses of revenue and the repair costs.
One of the main difficulties of motion measurement is positioning the transducers and finding the right attachment of the mechanical base on the breaker mechanism.
The Training will cover the following points:
➢ Presentation of circuit breaker timing and motion measurement principles according to IEC56
international standards:
➢ Displacement transducers, case studies of the following family of breakers:
• GL Breakers (Areva)
• HGF Breakers (Areva)
• KSO Breakers (GE)
• HPL Breakers (ABB)
➢ DC Current and DC Voltage transducers (case study of dynamic resistance measurements)
➢ AC Current transducers (case study of First trip monitoring)
➢ First trip monitoring
➢ CBA measurement methods, introduction to CBA Win software
➢ Pressure transducers (case study in power plant)

What Could be learnt?
➢ A complete and detailed understanding of the international standard IEC56 related to circuit
breaker motion and timing
➢ Being able to interpret the results
➢ To monitor other parameters which can give valuable information on breakers when timing and
measurements are not sufficient anymore (current, voltage, pressure etc)
➢ To perform successful circuit breaker timing and motion measurements
➢ To determine which transducers to use on various breakers

The Seminar will be divided in two sessions

➢ The morning session will cover the theory involved on real testing and

➢ The Afternoon session will be hands exercises with the use of GENWIN Software

Module 3: Circuit Breaker Maintenance
Circuit breakers are very important machines: they ensure the protection of electricity transport networks.
Failure could have serious consequences like loss of services, revenues and also a very high repair cost.

The Training will cover the following points:
➢ 3 examples of tests to analyze a circuit breaker.
➢ Importance of timing the main chambers of high-voltage circuit breakers.
➢ Measurement of dynamic resistance of high-voltage circuit breakers contacts.
➢ Vibro-acoustic diagnostics for high-voltage circuit breakers.
➢ Working examples of maintenance program.
What Could be learnt?
➢ A complete understanding of the importance of planning and structuring the maintenance of
high-voltage circuit breakers, based on standards and instruments, validated and approved
respecting those standards.

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