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CS Instruments Thermal Mass Flowmeters

cs instruments VA 525 thermal mass flowmeter

VA 525 – Compact in-line flow sensor

Compress Air Thermal Mass Flow Meter

Flow sensor with integrated flow straightener / no inlet sections necessary

The newly developed VA 525 combines modern digital interfaces for connection to an energy monitoring system with a small, compact design. Due to its reasonable price and modern digital interfaces this compact in-line flow sensor is used when many machines (compressed air consumers) are to be integrated as easily as possible into an energy monitoring network.

Special advantages of the flow sensor VA 525

  • Compact, small design – for use in machines, behind maintenance unit at the end user
  • Optionally with classic analogue signals (4…20 mA and pulse) or digital interfaces such as Modbus RTU, Ethernet (also PoE), M-Bus
  • All interfaces are programmable via the display
cs instruments VA 550 thermal mass flowmeter

VA 550 – Flow meter for heavy duty industrial applications

Compress Air Thermal Mass Flow Meter

The immersion flow meter VA 550 is the ideal flow sensor for installation into existing compressed air resp. gas lines from 3/4“ up to DN 500.

cs instruments VA 570 thermal mass flowmeter.png

VA 570 – Flow meter with integrated measuring section

Compress Air Thermal Mass Flow Meter

Flow meter VA 570 is supplied with an integrated measuring section for compressed air and gas pipes. The measuring sections are available in flanged version or with R resp. NPT thread.

cs instruments VA 500 thermal mass flowmeter.png

VA 500 – Flow sensor for compressed air and gases

Compress Air Thermal Mass Flow Meter

Contrary to the previously used bridge circuit the newly developed evaluation electronics of our flow sensor records all measured values digitally. This leads to a better accuracy also in case of large measuring spans of 1:1000.

cs instruments PI 500 portable thermal mass flowmeter.png

PI 500 for portable flow measurement

PI 500 – Portable Flow Meter

Compress Air Thermal Mass Flow Meter

The portable flow meter PI 500 is an all-purpose hand-held measuring instrument for many compressed air and gas applications in industry like e.g.:

  • Flow measurement
  • Pressure-/ vacuum measurement
  • Temperature measurement
  • Moisture/ dew point measurement
cs instruments VA 500 FAD thermal mass flowmeter.png

VD 500 – Flow meter for FAD measurement

Compress Air Thermal Mass Flow Meter

For measuring downstream of the compressor in wet air up to +200 °C

The integrated, precise differential pressure sensor measures the differential pressure/ dynamic pressure at the sensor tip. The pressure depends on the respective gas velocity. The flow is therefore easy to determine by means of the pipe diameter.The additional measurement of temperature and absolute pressure and calculation of the relevant density means that measuring can be carried out for various gases, a wide variety of temperatures and pressures.

cs instruments VA 521 thermal mass flowmeter

VA 521 – Compact Inline flow meter for compressed air and other gas types

Compress Air Thermal Mass Flow Meter

Flow sensor with integrated flow straightener / no inlet sections necessary

The newly developed VA 521 combines modern digital interfaces for connection to an energy monitoring system with a small, compact design. The VA 521 is always used when many machines (compressed air consumers) are to be integrated into an energy monitoring network. 

The high-contrast, integrated display also displays the current values rotated by 180° if desired (very useful for overhead installation). Depending on the configuration, two of the following values can be displayed: 

  • Current consumption in m³/h, l / min, …
  • Total consumption (meter reading) in m³, l, kg
  • Temperature measurement
cs instruments VA 520 thermal mass flowmeter.png

VA 520 – Flowmeter with integrated measuring section

Mass Flow Meter for Compressed Air and Gas

Our affordable mass flow meter for compressed air and gases works according to the approved calorimetric measuring principle. An additonal pressure and temperature compenstation is not necessary. Contrary to the previously used bridge circuit the newly developed evaluation electronics records all measured values digitally. This enables very precise and fast measurements.

Due to the new evaluation electronics, all VA 520 models have an integrated Modbus output as a standard. So all parameters can be easily transferred via Modbus.

Due to its compact design it is possible to monitor all compressed air systems from the compressor to the smallest compressed air tool (1/4“ to 2 inch) with the new mass flow sensor VA 520. VA 500 flow sensors are available for larger pipe diameters from DN 50 to DN 300. Apart from compressed air also other gases like e.g. nitrogen, oxygen and CO2 can be measured.

cs instruments M-Bus thermal mass flowmeter

M-Bus – Industrial gas meter

Compressed air and natural gas meters with M-Bus

Our successor product of the proven industrial gas meter with M-Bus gives you all necessary possibilities of digitization of your energy management processes and therefore is the ideal consumption meter for future challenges.

The M-Bus meters have been metrologically improved and completely revised and in addition to the mandatory M-Bus interface also have the following additional outputs and bus systems:

  • Modbus RTU
  • Modbus TCP or TCP PoE
  • Profibus, Profinet
  • 4..20 mA and pulse
  • Hard (in preparation)
cs instruments DS 400 thermal mass flow meter

DS 400 – Flow measurement for compressed air and gases

Each factory needs compressed air, however, often it is not realized that compressed air is one of the most expensive types of energy. Therefore, the intelligent use of flow measurement DS 400, holds an enormous potential for saving energy. In most cases the user mainly concentrates on the production, i. e. on the compressors. In order to save energy very often new compressors, control systems or heat recovery systems are installed.

cs instruments VA 409 thermal mass flowmeter

VA 409 – Flow direction switch for compressed air systems

The new thermal flow direction switch VA 409 with direction indication serves for determination of the flow direction of compressed air and gases especially in closed circular pipelines.

By means of VA 409 with flow direction indication the flow direction of the compressed air can be determined quickly and safely. Compared with the former mechanical paddle flow switches VA 409 is able to detect even the smallest changes in the flow direction quickly and without any mechanical movement.

DS 500 – Intelligent chart recorder

Intelligent chart recorder DS 500 for compressed air and gases

From recording of the measured data, indication on a big colour screen, alerting, storage up to remote read-out via webserver… this is all possible with DS 500. By means of the CS Soft Basic software alarms can be sent via SMS or e-mail. All measured values, measured curves and threshold exceedings are indicated. The curve progressions from the beginning of the measurement can be viewed by an easy slide of the finger. Daily/weekly/monthly reports with costs in € and counter reading in m³ for each consumption sensor are completing the sophisticated system concept. The big difference to ordinary paperless chart recorders reveals in the easy initiation and in the evaluation of the measured data. All sensors are identified directly and powered by DS 500. Everything is matched and tuned.

Intelligent mobile chart recorder – DS 500 mobile

If we talk about operational costs of compressed air plants we are actually talking about the energy costs as they make up about 70 to 80 % of the total costs of a compressed air plant. Depending on the size of the plant this means considerable operating costs. Even in smaller plants this may quickly add up to 10 000 to 20 000 € per year. This is an amount which can be considerably reduced – even in case of well operated and maintained plants. For sure this also applies to your compressed air plant! Which actual costs per generated m³ air do you actually have? Which energy is gained due to the waste heat recovery? What is the total performance balance of your plant? How high are the differential pressures of single filters? How high is the humidity (pressure dew point)? How much compressed air is used? By means of the intelligent chart recorder DS 500 mobile and the suitable sensors and meters all these questions can be answered easily. For example by means of a long-term measurement over 7 days, data recording and evaluation at the PC.

cs instruments Chart recorder - DS 400

DS 400 – chart recorder

for all relevant parameters of compressed air.

cs instruments Chart recorder - DS 400 mobile

DS 400 mobile

Affordable mobile chart recorder in a case

With integrated data logger and up to 4 sensors connectable, including voltage supply for all sensors.


Measuring sections for precise measurements

Measuring section made of stainless steel 1.4301 incl. ball valve, up to DN 65 (R2 1/2“) with external thread, from DN 80 with weld neck flange according to DIN 2633.

See Datasheet_

CS Instruments Spot drilling collars

Spot drilling collars

If there is no measuring site with 1/2“ ball valve present it can be set up by means of spot drilling collars.

The spot drilling collar is imposed onto the pipe and tightened via thread rods. The enveloping rubber gasket is pressure-tight up to 10 bar. By means of the drilling jig it is possible to drill through the 1/2“ ball valve into the existing pipe.

Important: Please indicate the exact outer diameter of the existing pipe when placing the order resp. please select the suitable spot drilling collar from the adjoining list.

CS Instruments drilling jig

Drilling Jig 

Drilling jig for set up a measuring site


Ideal for drilling under pressure. By means of a special drilling device a measuring site with 1/2“ ball valve can be easily set up within a few minutes. As an alternative to the welding of the 1/2“ fitting also a spot drilling collar can be used.

High-pressure protection

The supplementary device “high-pressure protection” serves for a safe installation and fastening of the CS sensors VA 5xx under pressure. It is strongly recommended to be used for gas or air pressures from 10 bar.

Mounting of the device

  • Set up measuring site with screw neck (G 1/2″ outer diameter) according to the mounting instruction of the sensor VA 500
  • Screw on the high pressure rig pressure-tightly and make sure that the ball valve can be opened and closed
  • Close ball valve before mounting the sensor

Thickness meter CS 0495

Enables a quick, easy and accurate measurement of the wall thickness of pipes. So the determination of the inner diameter becomes very easy.

Delivery includes:

  • Case
  • Calibration block

The thickness meter is small in size, light in weight, easy to carry. Although complex and advanced, it is convenient to use and operate. Its ruggedness will allow many years of use if proper operating techniques are followed.