Moisture and Dew Point Monitor

Doble Moisture and Dew Point Monitor 2021-11-29T13:25:23+01:00

Portable Moisture in Oil and Dewpoint Analyzer


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The Doble DOMINO USS (Ultimate Sampling System) gives you a fast, efficient way to measure water content in oil and/or the dew point of a gas.

The DOMINO USS is a portable system that connects quickly and easily to transformer valves or other oil-filled electric devices.

Operating on AC power supply or with its rechargeable battery, you will have accurate readings in six minutes or less.

The DOMINO USS is customizable to your testing requirements, coming with either a moisture in oil test sensor, a moisture in gas (dewpoint) test sensor, or both.


  • Get accurate results in six minutes or less
  • Analyze different oil types: new and in-service transformer oil, very aged transformer oil >0.18 mg KOH/g), silicone and natural esters (vegetable oil dielectrics)
  • Sensor can quickly be connected to a transformer valve or other oil-filled electric device for readouts of water content in ppm
  • Maximize testing time by taking high quality samples during field testing
  • The modular, multi-option structure allows you to begin with a basic kit and add to it as your needs evolve
  • Monitor the oil filling process by measuring the incoming and outgoing oil from the processing trailer