Online Dissolve Gas Analyzers

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Calisto online DGA monitors for power transformers and other oil-filled electrical assets


doble calisto online dissolve gas analyzers

Hydrogen + Moisture Detection Monitor

Calisto is a simple and reliable system for detecting transformer incipient faults at their earliest stage. It provides unequaled stability at low concentration levels and is field-installable in less than 2 hours. The monitor offers additional value through on-line monitoring of dissolved water and can be easily networked for monitoring entire substations. Used in conjunction with other Calisto Condition Monitoring products, such as our Myrkos Portable Fault Gas Analyzer,Calisto becomes a key element in managing critical transformers.

Calisto 2

Doble Calisto2 online dissolve gas analyzers

Hydrogen, Moisture + Carbon Monoxide Detection Monitor

Combine early fault detection and monitoring of cellulose degradation. Calisto 2 is innovative for its value-added transformer fault detection and monitoring. Still featuring unequaled performance and stability for the measurement of moisture and dissolved hydrogen—the key gas for detecting incipient faults at their earliest stage—Calisto 2 also offers independent measurement of carbon monoxide, a gas often generated in large quantities when transformer cellulose overheats. Calisto 2 is supplied standard with DNP3.0 and MODBUS communication protocols, thus allowing easy deployment within existing communications and SCADA networks.

Calisto 5

Doble Calisto5 online dissolve gas analyzers

5 Fault Gases + Moisture Diagnostic Monitor

Avoid what could become a costly transformer failure by choosing our new generation of multi-gas on-line monitors. The Calisto 5 is a powerful tool for transformer condition assessment. This generation of Calistos uses gas chromatography with proven reliable results. This is a physical method of separation in which the components to be separated are distributed between two phases, one of which is stationary (stationary phase) while the other moves in a definite direction (mobile phase).

Calisto 9

Doble Calisto9 online dissolve gas analyzers

Complete DGA + Moisture Diagnostic Monitor

The Calisto 9 online DGA monitor provides the data you need for early detection and diagnosis of impending failures, cost-efficient condition-based maintenance and optimal loading decisions.

Accuracy By Design
Features best-in-market accuracy bench-marked by clients, laboratories, and industry working groups — ensuring the reliability of the DGA results they provide.



Early Detection
Market-leading lower detection limits and a very broad measurement range ensure that you are getting all the information needed to detect and diagnose faults as early as possible.

Easy Deployment
Supplied with DNP3, Modbus and optional IEC 61850 communication protocols for easy deployment within existing communications and SCADA networks.

Fits Your Monitoring Program
Designed to fit your monitoring program, it can operate as a standalone DGA monitor or as part of the Doble Calisto Condition Monitoring Platform.