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Asset Risk Management System

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DobleARMS® is an asset risk management system powered by a sophisticated suite of analytical tools infused with Doble’s expertise in asset life-cycle and associated risks.

DobleARMS provides intelligent alerts and notifications. This means you can make more informed decisions between times of crisis and long-range operational planning.

DobleARMS pulls in on-line and off-line data sources, comparative data, advanced analytics and consideration of risk factors like load, cost and customers interrupted.

It turns thousands of individual data points – everything from dielectric tests to operational data – into actionable information you can use to make critical decisions about day-to-day and long term operations.


  • Meets FERC, NERC and NIST security and Smart Grid Standards
  • Flexible, secure and scalable infrastructure supporting off-line and real-time data collection from a variety of data sources
  • Places a non-proprietary layer of model management on top of “point-based” protocols
  • Eliminates the need to manually manage interface points and changes
  • Easily drill down to the details you need


  • Strategically manage assets through a balance of health, criticality and risks
  • Find low frequency events that have a high cost to your business
  • Enables long-term planning around CAPEX and Operations and Maintenance spending
  • Asset alerts & notifications are presented in a meaningful way or to a variety of corporate applications such as WMS, AMS or Smart Grid Demand Response technologies
  • Collaborate across teams with configurable views that support a variety of users