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Condition Monitoring Platform for Transformers

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DoblePRIME™ Transformer Condition Monitoring System gives you a clear, consolidated means to assess overall transformer condition.

Now you can pick the appropriate level of condition monitoring for an individual transformer or group of transformers in one location.

doblePRIME is a scalable, on-line monitoring solution. It can be as simple as one diagnostic device such as the Morgan Schaffer Calisto for DGA. It can also be a robust system monitoring and analyzing oil status, tap changer condition, bushing health, while integrating all types of diagnostic indicators, IEDs and sensor data. View this critical information on site or remotely.

doblePRIME can also integrate into an asset risk management system, such as dobleARMS®.


  • Measures, collects and analyzes data for on-line condition assessment
  • Aggregates and analyzes data from monitoring devices, sensors and operational data sources
  • View data in a comprehensive dashboard
  • Build and scale your doblePRIME platform as budget and necessity requires – whether it is one device or an integrated platform
  • Easily integrates into an asset risk management system, such as dobleARMS™


  • Identify problems and diagnose the severity of the situation
  • Save costly equipment by quickly reacting to rapid deterioration warnings
  • Plan for replacements in a proactive, risk management approach
  • Choose the appropriate level of monitoring needed for each asset or location based on condition or criticality
  • Uniquely powered by Doble’s decades of on-line monitoring expertise and a century’s worth of transformer diagnostic experience