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Entry Level Analyze Vibration Instruments



VIBER X ™ is designed to be very easy to handle, with high reliability and quality to a low cost! These instrument is especially designed for service technicians, operators and overall simple tests, like fault in machines defined by to high vibration levels or to high bearing condition value.

The VIBER X™ is a portable Vibrometer.
A complete set consists of an instrument, soft carrying bag, a vibration transducer with magnet support. VIBER X™ measures Bearing condition and vibration in velocity (mm/s RMS) in two different versions, with frequency ranges 2 Hz or 10 Hz, 1000 Hz or 16 000 Hz.

Viber-X ™ Technical Data Sheet


Entry level analyze vibration instruments - VIBER X1™

The VIBER X1™ is a portable Vibrometer.
A complete set consist of an instrument, carrying bag, a vibration transducer with magnet support extension tip, charger and rechargeable batteries. The range can be set by adjustable filters from 2 to max frequency 16 000 Hz. VIBER X1™ measures Bearing condition and vibration in velocity (mm/s RMS).


VIBER X1 ™ is an analog vibration measuring instrument for control and measurement of the mechanical vibration and bearing condition. A flexible instrument that fits in every maintenance engineer’s pocket.



•  Total level (mm/s RMS) and bearing condition.
•  Easy to use, start and measure.
•  Dust-and waterproof, for use under tough conditions (IP 65).
•  Interchangeable accelerometer with cable
•  Selectable frequency ranges.
•  Analog instruments with high measurement accuracy and reliability.
•  Provides a good security in assessing when a piece of equipment need to be addressed.

VIBER X 1 ™ is a completely analog instruments and the further development of the well-proven Viber (A).

Dense built-in charger, selectable frequency ranges and interchangeable accelerometer (BNC connector), and just as easy and reliable as its predecessor.

Measure very accurate right down to the 2Hz. with the push of a button is changed frequency range (2Hz-1000 Hz, 10-1000 Hz, 2Hz-givarmax, 10 Hz-givarmax).
Interchangeable accelerometer and cable provides economy and safety because it can easily be replace if something breaks and that you do not need to be close to rotating parts.

Clear LED indication displays the frequency range that is selected.
Charger, manual, accelerometer with 1 m cable and flat magnet and soft bag with shoulder strap and belt clip included.
2 year warranty included with the possibility of extension up to 6 years.