Fuel Transfer Systems

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Fluxtronics fuel transfer systems - skid

Fuel Transfer Systems – SKID

Fuel Transfer Systems – FTS

FTS flow metering and pumping skids can cover Custody Transfer or Bulk Transfer applications or when there is demand for fuel transfer between two points. Depending on the applications’s requirements, these systems can be configured with a specific flow rate. Our options range can cover capacity from 100lpm to 1300lpm.

High quality fuel and liquid handling and flow control equipment across a wide range of capacities.

Fluxtronics is capable to supply a wide range of loading systems to be installed. Required equipment such as PD Flow Meters, Pumps, Control Valves, Air Eliminators, Loading Arms, can be supplied as separate components or in pre-assembled skids. Any other special application can be engineered on demand, as we are able to meet any customized needs.

Each unit can be specifically designed to meet each customer’s requirements. This includes material requirements, flow rates, pressures pipe dimensions, types of connections or control panel. The units are compact and easy to transport around any location, whether a Mine or an Industrial plant. All systems and turnkey solutions are designed to our customers special requirements utilising our well proven and reliable products. Systems can be designed, assembled and supplied for various products and applications. These systems can include, depending on the application: flow meter, pump, loading arm, hose and couplings, as well as electronic fuel management controls and reporting systems.