Laser Alignment

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Belt & Pulley Alingment Services

Shaft Alingment Services

Geometry Alingment Services

Assetmatrix offers laser alignment services (including horizontal set ups, cardan shafts, vertical shafts, etc.), belt alignment services, and geometric measurement services (including bore, compressor, diesel engine alignment, roll & conveyor alignment, turbine alignment, flange measurement, machine tool alignment, and more).

In today’s competitive markets, where machines of all descriptions are constantly being speeded up, with production and engineering management always looking for ways to reduce waste, energy costs and improve quality and efficiency machine alignment will help with these high margins by reducing product and energy waste. 

Precision Machine Alignment is a proven and effective way of reducing product and energy waste. Reduces downtime, improves product quality and reduces maintenance costs due to common misalignment associated problems such as; bearing failure, overheating, vibration and fatigue.

Our in-house engineering team is able to respond quickly and effectively to even your most critical operational needs. Our team of experts can have your equipment operational in the shortest possible time, thus minimalizing operating losses through production downtime.

Our Capabilities

Assetmatrix Team aligns a variety of machinery. We utilize lasers and optics to precisely align pumps, fans, generators, turbines, motors, gearboxes, machine trains, sheaves/pulleys, extruders, platens, presses, machine tools, web processes, etc.