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Magnetic Flowmeter - Flomag


Transmitter FLOMAG3000

Transmitter FLOMAG3000 as remote version

Transmitter FLOMAG3000 as compact version with flanged sensor

Technical Data

Magnetic flowmeter FLOMAG 3000 is a volume flow rate meter for conductive fluids in pipelines. It allows measurement of flow rates in both directions, with high accuracy and in wide range of flow rates (0,1 – 12 m/s). The microprocessor controlled transmitter offers a wide variety of binary, analogue and digital inputs and outputs suitable for all applications. Absence of moving parts and digital calibration ensures long-term accuracy and stability.

The main benefit of FLOMAG 3000 type series instruments is their versatility. As a standard, the flowmeter transmitter includes a power supply and basic circuits enabling its measuring functions. All other inputs, outputs and display units can be added as plug-in modules. Thus, the customer only pays for the function actually required. This design also permits various inputs and outputs according to the specific needs of the customer

Versions equipped with display and keyboard provides a wide variety of displayable operating data on a readable two-line display with large characters. Also all adjustable parameters can be comfortably changed during operation, using a four-key keyboard.

For communication with transmitter you can use protocols M-BUS, MODBUS-RTU, MODBUS-ASCII or HART. For remote reading you can choose GSM modem.

Transmitter can be integral part of the sensor – compact version or it is connected with the sensor with a cable – remote version. The Transmitters has IP67, sensor up to IP68.

Technical Parameters

Power supply85..240VAC, 10..36VDC, 24VAC
Analogue outputoptional – A5 – 0(4)..20mA (16bit) – active, A6- 4..20mA (16bit) – active, A7 – 4..20mA (16bit) – passive, all galvanically isolated. Modules A6 and A7 are HART compatible (with module H1)
Binary outputoptional – B1 – 0..1kHz passive, B2 – 0..10kHz passive, B3 – 0..12kHz active (5 V),B3 – 0..12kHz active (24 V), B5 – relay – all galvanically isolated
Interfaceoptional – C1- RS232, D1 – RS485 (MODBUS), D2 – 0/20mA loop, D3 – M-Bus, G1 – GSM modem, H1 – HART modem (only with module A6 or A7), P1 – PROFIBUS-DP – all galvanically isolated
Displayoptional – V1 – LCD and keyboard module – 2×16 characters (9,6 mm height)
Electrode cleaning and pipeline full indicationoptional – F1 – electrochemical electrode cleaning module, F2 – pipeline full indication module, F3 = F1+F2
Min conductivity of the liquid20μS/cm (for some liquids from 5μS/cm )
flomag electromagnetic flowmeter - sensor p

Sensor P

Flanged Remote Sensor

Sensor of the electromagnetic flowmeter FLOMAG as flanged version. This version is the most used for general purposes.

flomag electromagnetic flowmeter - sensor b

Sensor B

Wafer Remote Sensor

Sensor of the electromagnetic flowmeter FLOMAG as wafer version. The sensor is mounted between flanges constricted by screw bolts.

flomag magnetic flowmeter - sensor v

Sensor V

Remote Sensor with Aseptic Thread

Sensor of the electromagnetic flowmeter FLOMAG with aseptic thread according to DIN 11851 used in food industry.

Sensor G

Sensor with thread connections

Sensor of the electromagnetic flowmeter FLOMAG with thread connections according to DIN ISO 228/1 (CSN 01 4033).