Oil Drain Port Instrument

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Luneta Hub delivers more port versatility than anything else on the market. Having four lateral ports allows you to install compatible attachments including oil level sight glasses, BS&W Bowls, sample valves, drain valves, filter cart, etc. all at the same time. And with a high flow sample port, the Hub can tackle any sampling needs you have.

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The ultimate 2-in-1 luneta accessory, the Bowl serves as both a sight glass and BS&W bowl. Made of impact-resistant Tritan™, the Bowl is stronger than other drain port sight glasses, crystal clear and chemically resistant. The distinctive contour design allows for immediate visual inspection of the oil, along with early detection of potential contamination problems such as water and sediment. Providing a visual indication of wear debris while the machine is running, the Bowl’s rare earth magnetic drain plug also protects machinery by attracting and drawing wear particles to the bottom, proactively preventing machine failure and enabling a thorough drain of contaminates.

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Luneta drain port has been fitted with a rare earth magnet to capture ferrous wear particles. The magnet is raised from drain valve surface to prevent bottom sediment and sludge from covering the magnetic surface.

Push and rotate to open the valve and facilitate quick purges of sediment. When fully rotated, the valve locks in the open position, which is useful for draining the entire reservoir. Rotate the opposite direction to close. Heavy duty spring offers resistance and protects the valve from accidentally opening.

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Each Luneta Condition Monitoring Pod includes one Magnetic Plug. Additional plugs are available in packs of 3.

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Luneta Column is a crystal-clear oil level sight glass that allows you to visually inspect the condition and level of oil in pumps, gearboxes, storage tanks and reservoirs. It features a one-piece design with 1-inch NPT threads at each end and includes a 3-micron breather. The Column can also be plumbed to vent back into the equipment’s head space. Two tamper-proof level rings mark the idle and running oil level. Each ring is made of durable polycarbonate and secured in place with a hex screw.
Combine the Column with the Hub to solve all your condition monitoring needs.

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