Partial Discharge Training

Partial Discharge Training 2019-11-18T11:59:38+01:00

Training Syllabus

MODULE ONE–DAY 1 •PSI Inspection •What is Partial Discharge? Training Slides •Breakdown and PD Byproducts •PD Detection Methods and PD Spectrum’s •PD Theory Quiz •Review and Wrap-up

MODULE TWO–DAY 2 •PDetector Introduction •Continue Chapter 4: Chapter 4 Training Slides -PDetector Introduction •Field Testing •Training Slides -PDetector Quiz •PDetector Testing Procedures ➢How to test MV and HV Equipment

MODULE THREE •Continue PDetector Testing Procedure •Install PDetector Software and Operation •OLPD Solutions Introduction ➢Product Introduction Slides ➢Case Study Review ➢Start Detailed Data/Spectrum Analysis •Review Data/Spectrum Analysis •Final Exam and Q & A