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Status Scientific Gas Detectors

Fixed Gas Detector Testing And Calibration


Testing And Calibration of Fixed Gas Detectors. 

In order to ensure the safe and accurate operation of Fixed Gas Detectors, they need to be periodically calibrated against reference test gases that are traceable to National Physical Laboratory standards. The recommended calibration period for Status Scientific Controls gas detectors is six months although the frequency may need to be increased where continual exposure to the target gases is experienced. 
Between calibrations it is also recommended that the response of the detector is checked using an appropriate test/check gas cylinder.
These cylinders are available in both small and large aerosol form.
110 Litre Test Gas Large Aerosol Cylinder             110 Litre Cylinder Flow Regulator 
Status Scientific Controls offers a range of product calibration equipment for the customer to carry out both calibration and response testing of Fixed Gas Detectors. 

Fixed Gas Detection Accessories


In order to provide full system installation and operational capability, Status Scientific Controls offer a range of accessories for use with it’s range of fixed gas detector heads, a selection of which is shown below. 

Flow Through Sampling Adaptor 
A flow through sampling adaptor is available for applications where gas samples are being drawn through sample tubes. The plug-in sampling adaptor is permanently connected to the fixed gas detector head. The standard fitting is a push fit connector for 6mm O.D tubing. Other fittings are available upon request. 
Duct Air Sampling Units 
Duct air sampling units are available for the company’s various different gas detector heads. These allow the constant monitoring of duct air flow to be carried out without having to significantly modify the ducting itself.
Collector Cone 
Collector cones are normally used to give enhanced detection of gases such as methane which is lighter than air (relative density 0.55). The collector cone is attached to the bottom of a gas detector head and allows gas to be concentrated towards the gas sensor and is typically used where the sensor is sited over a particular process or where a leak is likely to occur. 
Mounting Brackets 
Gas detector head mounting brackets are available to suit individual applications.


A weatherguard can be fitted over a fixed gas sensing head to protect it from ingress of water or contaminants; a typical use is in outdoor applications such as on oil platforms where the sensors are subjected to driving rain and salt spray. The weather guard has an integral sampling adaptor which enables the head to be tested and calibrated in situ.
Regulators And Calibration Sampling Adaptors 
These are used in conjunction with test gases for calibration and routine testing of the gas detectors