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css high level sensor switches

CSS – High Level Sensor


Capacitance Liquid Level Switch

Capacitance Sensing Technology
No Moving Parts
Excellent Chemical Resistance
Adjustable Length

The Levelpro CSS is designed to detect level of conductive liquids

The Levelpro CSS has 2 Different Possible Transmissions :

1. Low voltage Relay contact output (50VAC/DC max | 0.5A max | 10VA)
2. Direct connection to a ProAlert 1000

  • Capacitive Sensing
  • Perfect for Aggressive and Conductive Liquids
  • Built in Auto Diagnostic System, LED Display Status
  • All Plastic Design – Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • Adjustable Liquid Immersion Depth

High Level
Low Level
Corrosive Liquids

plf liquid level float switch level switches

PLF Liquid Level Float Switch

The PLF Liquid Level Float Switch provides liquid level detection up to 10′(3m) with 1-8 level switch points and a compact junction box for wiring termination. This all plastic level switch package is selected for day tank, skid or machine, cooling tower, waste sump or process tank applications, and can be connected directly to a PLC or relay controller. It makes a perfect on | off switch for pumps or valves and can be used to completely automate your tank. The PLF is only suitable for non-viscous and non-coating liquids.

  • Specific Lengths 6″ – 72″ Range
  • Up to 8 Contacts
  • Flange or Thread Connection
  • Available in PVC | PPH | PVDF | 316SS Materials
  • No Power Required

Pumps | Solenoid Valves | ON | OFF | Low | High
Alarm | Automatic Tank Filling | Draining
PLF Series are suitable only for Non-Viscous and
Non-Coating Liquids

pls series plastic level switches

PLS Series Plastic Level Switches

The Levelpro PLS Series compact level switches combine low cost and reliability with fast, simple installation. The all plastic level switches contain an hermetically sealed reed switch that is actuated by magnets that are permanently bonded inside the float. They can be easily adapted to open or close a circuit based on the rising or falling of the liquid level. The switch action can be reversed by removing the float, rotating it end-for-end and replacing it on the stem. Vertical models mount internally, oriented within 45° of vertical, or select optional fittings for external mounting. Switch ratings are suitable for many solidstate control systems and small monitors or alarms. Simple relay interfaces can be used for higher current applications such as pumps and on-off valve actuators.

  • Economic
  • Easy Install
  • High or Low level Indication All
  • Plastic Design
  • Through Tank Design (Panel Mount)

Areas of Application

Machines | Tanks | Boilers | Corrosive
Liquids | Chemical Skids | Sumps | Solvent
Recovery Systems | OEM Applications

Float Pro ball float valve

FloatPro Ball Float Valve


PP Ball Float Valve

Tank Level Control
Excellent Chemical Resistance

The Floatpro Series Ball Float Valve is a cost effective Tank | Sump Liquid Level Control Device that is Suitable for Water or Corrosive Liquids.
The Floatpro incorporates a Leak-Free Design and is Robustly Constructed. Once installed they can be left to perform the required function without the constant need for supervision.

  • PP All Plastic Body
  • 1/2″ | 1″ | 1 1/2″ Size Ranges
  • 5 Mounting Positions
  • Easy to Install
  • Low Cost Tank Monitoring
  • 5 Adjustable Positions
  • 3 Sizes Available
  • Robust Construction
  • Simple to Install
  • Standard and Large Bore Orifice
  • No Tools Required to Adjust the Ball
  • Cost Effective Tank Level Control
NC-15 flow level switch - NC-25 flow level switch -truflo m

NC 15 | 25 Plastic Level Switch

NC-15 | NC-25 SERIES

Non-Intrusive Flow | Level Switch

All Plastic Design
Excellent Chemical Resistance
No Pressure Drop

  • Senses Liquid through Tubing
  • Tubing Size ¼” to ½”
  • Flow | No Flow
  • Non-Intrusive
  • Air Bubble Detection
  • All Plastic Design
  • Simple to Install
  • Heavy Walled Tubing | Up to 0.062″
  • Lightweight
  • Very Accurate | Sensitivity Adjustment
  • Perfect for Dosing or Metering Pumps
  • Fit a Wide Range of Tubing Diameters – 1/4″ to 1/2″
  • Flow – No Flow
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Easy Install
  • High Accuracy
NC30 level flow switches -truflo

NC-30 Level | Flow Switch

The NC30 Non-Contact liquid Level | Flow Sensor has been designed using high frequency technology to sense the presence of liquid | conductive | non conductive. Suitable for Non-Metallic Tubing | Tanks | Drums | Pipes.

  • All Plastic PP Design
  • Non-Intrusive Liquid Level / Flow Detection through Plastic or Fiberglass Walls
  • Easy Install
  • LED Display
  • M12 Disconnect or Fixed Cable Connector
  • Measure up to 2″ Pipe Diameter – PVC,CPVC Sch 40, 80, SDR 11
  • Senses up to 0.3″ (8mm) Wall Thickness

TFS Series – Level Switch

The TFS Series is a vibrating type level switch for use in all liquid and slurry applications such as overflow, high, low, and demanding applications, as well as pump protection. The TFS Series is designed for industrial use in all areas of process technology and can be used with liquids and slurries. With a tuning fork insertion length of only 45 mm (1.77″), the TFS switch can be mounted in small pipes and applications with confined space. The TFS Series can be used in difficult conditions including turbulence, air bubbles, and foam.

  • 316SS | PTFE Teflon Probe
  • Size Range -3″-16 ft.
  • Can be Used with Solids | Powders
  • Relay Outputs – 5A | 3A
  • Epoxy Coated Junction Box