Ultrasound Leak Detection Services

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ASSETMATRIX non-intrusive ultrasound inspection service identifies compressed air and gas system leaks

ultrasound leak detection services


ASSETMATRIX non-intrusive ultrasound inspection service identifies compressed air and gas system leaks. A combined leakage area of only 1/8 of an inch will waste thousands in costs over a year. Our Ultrasonic scans deliver a powerful tool to detect system issues, detects even the smallest leaks and monitor component condition.

During a leak, a fluid (liquid or gas) moves from a high pressure to a low pressure. As it passes through the leak site, a turbulent flow is generated. This turbulence has strong ultrasonic components which are heard through headphones and seen as intensity increments on the meter. It can be generally noted that the larger the leak, the greater the ultrasound level.

By utilizing ultrasonic leak testing equipment as part of our ultrasonic leak detection service offerings, ASSETMATRIX are able to detect equipment problems before they become costly or even catastrophic to your operations. With ultrasonic leak detection as part of our comprehensive factory maintenance plan, we can locate even the smallest leak to ensure that you are not losing money or risking danger as a result of a leak.

Ultrasonic leak detection is completed during normal operating conditions. No shutdowns or production interruptions required. All leaks are tagged, documented and a complete report is included. Each report includes an estimate of how much the total of all leaks is costing your company.

Zero business interruption. Designed to save money, fast. Guaranteed Payback!

Leaks cost money; affect product quality and can wreak havoc with the environment. Ultrasonic leak detection can often locate the problem, whether the leakage occurred in a liquid or a gas system.

Vacuum leaks may be located in the same manner; the only difference being that the turbulence will occur within the vacuum chamber. For this reason, the intensity of the sound will be less than that of a pressurized leak. Though it is most effective with low-mid to gross leaks, the ease of ultrasonic leak detection makes it useful for most vacuum leak problems.

When integrated into a predictive maintenance program, ultrasonic inspection provides valuable insights into equipment operation – optimizing maintenance scheduling, extending mean-time-between-failures (MTBF) and reducing lost production time. Even safety is improved when ultrasonic leak detector capabilities are leveraged.

With a good track record in predictive maintenance methods, ASSETMATRIX is able to develop route maps, determine appropriate intervals and implement data capture and analysis processes for your application.