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PC based Sound & Vibration Analyzers

pc based sound & vibration analyzers - Novian 4-128 Channel Sound & Vibration Analyzer

Novian 4-128 Channel Sound & Vibration Analyzer

Novian Sound & Vibration Analyzer
• 4- to 128-channel real-time analyzer
• Measure and record raw data
• Conduct real-time FFT, octave, and order tracking measurements
• Built-in playback analysis for previously measured raw vibration data

Novian™ Sound & Vibration Analyzer is a powerful 4- to 128- channel real-time vibration data acquisition hardware with a dynamic signal analyzer. Novian lets you measure and record raw vibration data and conduct real-time FFT, octave and order tracking measurements. Or use Novian’s built-in playback analysis feature for previously measured raw vibration data.

What can Novian Sound & Vibration Analyzer do for you?

Real-time analysis

Conduct real-time measurements, such as multiple FFTs, order tracking, and octave measurements, with a wide range of functionality and dynamic signal analysis capability.

FFT Analysis  

Novian’s FFT Analysis module supports: 
• General spectral analysis on Fourier Transform base
• Up to 14 measurement functions, complete and sufficient for supporting various sound and vibration analysis
• User-defined alarm or severity levels on selected bands, showing the test results with GO/NG indicators on the plots
• Continuous spectrum measurements during a start-up or coast-down process of machines, displaying the result on 3D waterfall or intensity plots 

Octave Spectrum Analysis module

The optional Octave Spectrum Analysis module utilizes parallel time domain filters to generate octave spectrum with selectable resolutions of octave, 1/3 octave or 1/12 octave.

Conforming to IEC 61260 and IEC 61672, this dynamic signal analyzer module is suitable for evaluating sound and vibration severity. With user-defined weighting functions, it can conduct specific measurements, such as ISO 6954 (vibration on ships), ISO 8041 and ISO 2631 (human vibration), etc. Another application example is evaluating the floor vibration in high-tech factories. By showing the VC curve on the spectrum plot, the user can tell the level of vibration grade right after the measurements.

Computed Order Tracking 

The optional Computed Order Tracking program is designed to measure sound and vibration on varying speed machines. Typical applications for this software module are NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) testing of vehicles or advanced vibration analysis of turbine machines. It performs digital resampling to make the spectral resolutions the same at different rotation speeds. It calculates the order spectrum, order traces, filtered or unfiltered orbits, gap reading and centerline of a shaft accurately during a start-up or coast-down process. The user can input geometric position(s) of the vibration sensors to display orbit and shaft centerline motion, which relates to the realistic behavior of a turbine machine.

Raw Data Recording

Novian can work as a digital raw signal recorder. It measures and records raw data to your hard disk, continuously at the same time, when you perform real-time monitoring of time waveforms or spectrums.

Playback analysis

Replay previously saved raw data file(s) as if it were a live reading. Now you can recreate the event as if you were on-site and perform playback analysis of the saved data file.

Real-time Analysis with Raw Data Recording

Conduct real-time analysis and record the raw data into the hard disk at the same time to back up important data.

Data viewing, Processing and Reporting

– Add or import data files for viewing, analysis, and playback
– Work with multiple channels on a single graph, or separate channels as needed
– Perform post processing; FFT, IFT, integration, differentiation, weighting functions, filters, and more.

– Generate reports directly, with Microsoft Word
– Work with multiple cursor types: dual, side-band, harmonic, peak and multiple single cursors

– Export data files to XML, CSV, UFF, ASCII or WAV file formats

Function generator

Use Novian’s built in function generator to create various signals like sine waves, square waves, ramp, pulse, random or chirp signals. These signals created by the function generator can be used through the output devices.

Why Novian Sound & Vibration Analyzer?

Easy and Ready to Use

Novian’s menu structure is straightforward to use. It does not have scripts or require graphical programming.  Simply put, Novian’s easy-to-use menu structure provides the user with intuitive functionality and built-in flexibility for advanced sound and vibration analysis.

Extremely High-Speed Performance

Novian Sound & Vibration Analyzer software is programmed in C++ and optimized to run at a very high rate of speed on computers with Intel multi-core processors.

Advanced Features and Powerful Capabilities

Novian dynamic signal analyzer supports multiple analysis mode, which allows you to run different analyses programs at the same time, such as multiple FFT and octave analysis for example.