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Control Panels and Accessories

Wellhead Control Panels

quam Multi Well Control Panel.

Multi Well Control Panel

QUAM Wellhead Control Panels are designed as a fully enclosed assembly with or without the Hydraulic Power Unit providing a common source of hydraulic power in order to control single or multi–wells system.

Only High Quality Components installed inside our WHCP. QUAM manufactures a complete series of accessories for Wellhead Completion

Our status of excellence

  • Accurate Design
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Proven Field Service
  • Up to 15000 PSI Rating

Product Range

quam SCSSV Blow Out Preventer.

SCSSV Blow Out Preventer

quam Single Well Control Panel.

Single Well Control Panel

quam Flowline Pressure Pilots.

Flowline Pressure Pilots

quam Fusible Plugs.

Fusible Plugs

quam Pneumatic Wellhead Control Panel.

Pneumatic Wellhead Control Panel

quam Electro-Hydraulic Wellhead Control Panel.

Electro-Hydraulic Wellhead Control Panel

quam Pneumo-Hydraulic Wellhead Control Panel

Pneumo-Hydraulic Wellhead Control Panel

quam Pneumo-Hydraulic Wellhead Control Panel1

Pneumo-Hydraulic Wellhead Control Panel

The WHCP is an Hydraulic Control System that provides control of the topside Christmas Trees.
Wellhead control panel automatically closes the well safety valves in response to alarm conditions requiring the shutoff. Valves can be closed either manually or automatically, at the panel or remotely.
The WHCP is available with a wide selection of options for single or multi-well configuration.
Quam WHCP are specifically designed using the very latest design technologies and components.

Quam Wellhead control panels used for gas well until 15,000psi.

QUAM Choke Valves issued from an Heavy Duty Design with Easy Maintenance to achieve the High Reliability and the long–life service requested by Oil & Gas Applications. Our valves are carefully selected considering the specifications, process conditions and using the experience gained by working with these products and applications for many years.


It is designed to operate one subsurface safety valve and up to two hydraulic or pneumatic actuated surface safety
valves for any type of well.


It is designed with the same features as per single-well but with the possibility to control the safety valves of a number
of wells.
Quam multi-well control panels can incorporate removable and interchangeable well control modules, each controlling
a single well that can be easily isolated and removed.