Geometric Testing Services

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Laser Geometric Alignment Services

Assetmatrix Geometric Alignment services covers industrial flatness, straightness, level, inclination, parallelism and perpendicularity applications with a very high accuracy and over long distances.

All machinery, plant equipment, process lines, etc. are all affected by misalignment at some point in time. Misalignments affect their efficiency, safety and reliability and can also increase risk and production costs. Therefore, an alignment program should be part of any routine maintenance program.

Laser geometric alignment will help extend and improve machine reliability which in return produces quality products in a more efficient manner, thus reducing waste and reducing overall maintenance costs.

Benefits of laser geometric alignment:
• Improves plant operating life and reliability
• Improves assembly of parts
• Reduces spare parts inventory
• Reduces overall maintenance costs
• Improves plant operating safety
• Reduces cost of power consumption on plant operations

Laser geometric alignment services can be used:
• To align horizontal boring mills (HBM), vertical boring mills (VBM), vertical machining centers (VMC), vertical turret lathes (VTL), gantries, surface grinders, injection molding machines, presses, high-precision laser and water-jet cutting machines.
• To verify and correct roll parallelism in paper mills, printing presses, film lines, and blown-film lines.
• To measure and align the flatness of almost any surface (squares, frames, ways, flanges, circles, etc.).
• To ensure the squareness of up to 3 surfaces.
• To ensure the straightness of horizontal and vertical surfaces.
• To ensure the parallelism of horizontal and vertical surfaces.
• For other applications such as checking the plumbness of a vertical surface, checking way twist and parallelism between horizontal surfaces, and checking way twist and parallelism between vertical surfaces.