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Insulating Oil Diagnostic Software

INSIDEVIEW® is a comprehensive insulating oil diagnostic software for effective oil condition assessment of power transformers, load tap changers, bulk oil circuit breakers and fluid filled cables.

INSIDEVIEW provides an accurate, comprehensive DGA and oil quality analysis, identifying warning events from large amounts of oil test data. It offers customizable diagnostic reports with system generated alerts. And it validates oil test data results using industry standards (IEEE, IEC & Doble), diagnostic methods such as Duval Triangle, Roger’s Ratio, etc.

INSIDEVIEW streamlines your oil test data analysis processes accelerating crucial decision-making processes. It works seamlessly for customers working with Doble|Morgan Schaffer insulating material laboratories. In addition to laboratory data, INSIDEVIEW organizes your oil test data from additional sources such as Myrkos portable DGA analyzers and Calisto monitors all in one location.


  • Comprehensive DGA and oil quality data analytics enabling proactive risk management
  • Centralizes oil test data for easy accessibility across organization
  • Integrates data from laboratories, Myrkos portable DGA analyzers and Calisto monitors
  • Streamlines workflow between laboratories, experts, field personnel and asset managers
  • Unlimited number of users (normal user, administrator, view-only access levels)
  • Easy deployment and maximum data security
  • Implementation, data conversion and Doble expert support services
  • Alerts client personnel when predetermined DGA or oil quality data thresholds exceeded
  • Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Chinese Mandarin, and Arabic