Leakage current/Surge arrester test set

Leakage current/Surge arrester test set 2020-02-05T09:54:58+01:00

Leakage Current Monitor


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LCM500 Leakage Current Monitor can measure condition while a surge arrester is still in service, measuring the quality of the metal oxide blocks and helping manage the risk of failure.

A surge arrester may be inexpensive, but it has an important role in protecting your transformers.

With the LCM500 surge arrester test set, it takes less than 15 minutes to establish that your surge arresters are healthy and the transformer is still protected.


  • Portable, battery-operated instrument for regular condition assessment of surge arresters
  • Unique identification of each surge arrester makes data management easy
  • Instrument can store 1000 surge arrester IDs and measurements performed in the field
  • Defines individual surge arrester types including operational parameters
  • Perform evaluation of groups of surge arresters, e.g. by type or region, with included software
  • Rated in accordance with IEC 60099-5 for field monitoring of metal oxide surge arresters

Leakage current alarm signaler


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MPU-1 is dedicated to control (measure) leakage current in AC, low and medium voltage power networks. It is designed to make measurements, which results define network’s safety condition for leakage current. The device enables to set limit for maximum safe value of flowing leakage current and for values above this limit visual and sound alarm is activated.


  • Constant controlling of current flowing on earthing,
  • Measurement with the use of single clamp or two clamps simultaneously. In case of using two clamps, current value is summed up, which allows for checking twin pylons (rotational), with independent clamp for each component pylon,
  • Work mode LED indicator,
  • Visual and sound alarm (speaker built in cover) in case of higher value of leakage current than defined limit (factory default set to 1A),
  • No DC current measurement,
  • Measurement with flexible clamps (Rogowski coil) – Sonel F series,
  • Measurement in 50 Hz or 60 Hz frequency low and medium voltage networks,
  • Auto ranging,
  • Battery level monitoring,
  • Ergonomic handling.
  • MPU-1 for operation requires F1, F-2 or F-3 probes (additional accesories).