Assetmatrix Energy is proud to represent UE Systems line of Ultrasonic Inspection Instruments. UE Systems is the world leader in providing ultrasound instruments & training solutions for predictive maintenance, reliability, condition monitoring and energy saving programs. We assist companies worldwide implementing ultrasound technology in their maintenance & reliability best practices, by providing the right inspection instruments, the right training, license-free software and continuous support. By guiding companies in establishing and maturing an ultrasound inspection program, we assist them in achieving:

  • Significant energy savings by finding compressed air leaks and faulty stream traps & reporting the savings opportunity
  • Downtime reduction by monitoring the condition of bearings, preventing lubrication issues & identifying bearing failures at a very early stage
  • Improvements in safety procedures by using ultrasound for discharge detection during electrical inspections, at a safe distance

UE Systems 4Cast – a 24/7 Ultrasonic Monitoring System

Save time, save your bearings and improve plant reliability: review bearing information from the convenience of your office. Monitor bearing condition 24/7 and tell 4Cast when to send a report.

The UE Systems Ultraprobe series has been linked to Predictive Maintenance and Energy Conservation for over thirty years. Each Ultraprobe is engineered to meet the unique demands of the many applications and programs in which it is used.


Analyse recorded sounds from your assets and accurately diagnose electrical & mechanical faults


Ultraprobe 100

Ultraprobe 2000

Find leaks quickly & easily and report the energy savings.

Monitor bearing conditions, avoid over lubrication and detect early failures.

Detect arcing and corona discharge from electrical apparatus and cables.

Avoid high costs due to steam traps leakage and failure.